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At Woodview Kennels & Cattery we produce our own super premium dog food, using natural ingredients. If you want to ensure your pet is eating nutritious food for every stage of your dog's life, choose Woodview's homemade dog food.


From high protein food for working dogs to a unique cereal free mix for sensitive digestive systems, we can produce the dog food your pet needs. We are also happy to deliver it to your door!

Top quality dog food for your pet

We use only hypoallergenic ingredients and can produce wheat and gluten free dog food for your pet if they have an allergy, ensuring your pet is getting the best quality ingredients and nutrients.


Our dog food is ideal for domestic pets and working dogs and we have a dog food delivery service for your convenience.

Raynestone Easy dog food:

• Raynestone Easy Working - high protein food in a variety of flavours

• Raynestone Easy Weight Loss - low fat food to combat obesity

• Raynestone Easy Veteran - specially formulated for older dogs

• Raynestone Easy Cereal Free - ideal for your dog with an allergy

• Raynestone Easy Adult - balanced dog food in a variety of flavours

Why choose Raynestone Easy?

To order your dog food call Woodview Kennels and Cattery on


01934 862 712

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